TOP TIP Number 2 – Follow The Natural Shape of The Brow!

Top Tips on How to Help Style Your Clients In Eyewear They Will Love!

Are you struggling to find the right eyewear to suit your clients?  Are you trying to speed up the frame selection process by instantly identifying eyewear that your clients will love?

Well, I have discovered how it’s possible and I want to share this knowledge with you too!

Over the next few weeks I am going to share my top 4 tips which I use to enable my clients to look and feel great in their eyewear.

TOP TIP Number 2 – Follow The Natural Shape of The Brow!

We have previously shared our top tips on colour but in this blog, we are all about the brow!   Eyebrows are hot right now in the world of fashion, with many people turning to microblading and creating ‘high definition’ brows for a more dramatic look.

So top tip number two is to find eyewear which follows the natural shape of your clients browline for a more harmonious look

Soft Curved Browline

head shot of model wearing coco song eyewear

Above is a great example of one of the luxury Italian eyewear brand CCS. It perfectly follows the shape of the models brow, working with her natural facial contours and opening up her eyes.

Straight Browline 

head shot of male model wearing designer eyewear

Here is a great example of one of a Roy Robson wood eyewear pieces working perfectly with the models naturally straighter brow line.

Eyewear Makeover!

Here’s a fab example from a recent eyewear makeover we did with new client Janet.

WRONG!- Going Against Natural Brow

head shot of female client with designer eyewear and yellow scarf

This image shows the half dog chewed frames (sorry Janet!) she hated to be seen out in. The frame does not follow her natural soft curved brow line, creating a little conflict and imbalance on her face.

RIGHT – Working With The Natural Brow

head shot of female client with designer eyewear and yellow scarf

This striking image shows her wearing her brand new stunning eyewear which harmonises with her natural brow line , shows off her stunning eyes and works perfectly with her classic/dramatic style personality!

To sum up, following the natural shape of your clients brow line with their eyewear creates a natural balance and harmony to their look, enhancing their appearance and opening up their eyes.

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My next tip is all about Frame Size, see here.


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