Top 4 Tips To Help Style Your Clients In Eyewear They Will Love! – Tip 1

Are you struggling to find the right eyewear to suit your clients? Are you trying to speed up the frame selection process by instantly identifying eyewear that your clients will love?

Well, I have discovered how it’s possible and I want to share this knowledge with you too!

Over the next few weeks I am going to share my top 4 tips which I use to enable my clients  to look and feel great in their eyewear.

Top 4 tips to help style clients in eyewear they will love!


Embrace the beauty of Colour!

Understanding the impact of colour is key. The correct colour against your clients skin tone, really has the ability to dramatically enhance their appearance.

Many people stick to neutral colours because they feel safe, but colours such as blacks and dark browns can begin to appear harsh against the skin, especially as we age.

I encourage my clients to think of their eyewear in the same way as they do make up, and help them find a great colour which enhances their eyes, brightens up their complexion and works with their favourite wardrobe colours at the same time!

Here are two unedited pictures taken of a client at the same time, in the same make up and trying to recreate the same pose. They show you the differences between the wrong and right way to choose your colours!


wrong colour

Pic 1 – Crystal eyewear is very on trend right now but unfortunately it does not work with my clients colouring. Because her look is contrasting – porcelain skin with dark hair and bright green eyes –  she need to wear colours that balance this. She looks far better and healthier in bright vivid colours or a striking contrast of dark and light. Muted or pale colours, as shown don’t bring out the best in her.

However a softer, paler colour like this one would work really well on someone with lighter colouring and less contrast to their look.








Right colour

Pic 2 – The bright jewel-like colours work far better with the natural contrast between her skin, hair and eyes. Notice how her complexion looks clearer and brighter and her eyes really stand out!

If your clients natural colouring is much softer and they don’t have the same contrast between hair, skin and eyes, this colour may overpower them. You would be far better to encourage them to choose softer tones and colours.

To sum up, colour is king when helping your clients to choose their eyewear. Whether bold and bright, or soft and tonal, the right colour on your clients face can really make or break their look!





Let us help you

If you want to learn about how to assess your clients best colours and discover eyewear which matches their personality and facial features, then click to learn more about the Eyewear Stylist Course.

Eva Dave is a multi award winning boutique practice owner, Optometrist and Image Consultant and creator of Eyewear Styling Academy.

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