Absolutely everything you need to know to introduce Eyewear Styling to your Optical Practice and instantly elevate each client’s experience, while simultaneously skyrocketing your revenues.

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  • Almost every dispense has been a multi pair purchase and our clients are raving about us. Not only that, our social media thanks to the zoom sessions has improved significantly!

    Heather McGinty-Poole Eye Associates

Give your customers what they are searching for. 

Today, Optical clients seek a personalised experience and will go out of their way to find an Optical Practice that goes beyond the status quo, stocks a variety of stylish eyewear, and takes the time to assist them in finding eyewear that makes them look and feel their best. 

By learning the secrets to Eyewear Styling, you and your entire Optical Practice Team will have the expertise necessary to provide a level of service unmatched by the competition and quickly increase customer loyalty and average dispense values as a result.  

The Premier Eyewear Styling Programme for Optical Practices is the most complete Eyewear Styling Programme available worldwide.

Hosted by the renowned Eyewear Styling Expert, Eva Dave, The Premier Eyewear Styling Programme for Optical Practices covers absolutely everything you need to know about efficiently and effectively introducing Eyewear Styling into your Optical Practice—from training your team and hosting profitable Styling Events, to marketing your business, creating a memorable experience for your clients, and ensuring that your Optical Practice stands out in a crowded marketplace.

With The Premier Eyewear Styling Programme for Optical Practices, your entire Optical Team will enjoy access to everything included in the bestselling Eyewear Styling Expert Certification Programme, plus all the essentials involved with implementing a highly successful (and profitable) Eyewear Styling Consultations into your Optical Practice, along with monthly training and Q&A sessions with Eva Dave.

Join the elite group of Optical Practices trained in Eyewear Styling.

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  • The eyewear styling practice programme has completely transformed my practice. We feel so much happier and more fulfilled and clients are leaving long wholehearted reviews. Don’t even think about it- just do it!

    Twinkle Patel- Wallbank Opticians
    Eyewear Stylist and Principal Optometrist

  • MODULE ONE: Style Analysis

    Uncover the key component to becoming a successful Eyewear Stylist and trusted advisor to your Optical clientele—Style Personality. In this Module, your Team will learn how to:

    • Identify the six different style personalities

    • Unlock each individual client’s style personality

    • Match eyewear styles to each unique personality

    • Align with each personality type to gain trust and sell effortlessly

    • Leverage the power of Style Analysis to skyrocket your average dispense value

  • MODULE TWO: Colour Analysis

    Discover the transformative power of colour and master the proven Eyewear Styling Academy Colour Analysis process—Eyewear Colour Essentials. In this Module, your Team will learn how to:

    • Introduce Colour Analysis Sessions to your Optical Practice

    • Quickly and easily identify each client’s dominant colour type

    • Utilise Colour Psychology to enhance your clients’ eyewear experience

    • Assist clients in identifying eyewear colours that make them feel fantastic

    • Know exactly how to use Colour Analysis Sessions to multiply your revenues

  • MODULE THREE: Facial Analysis

    Learn the essential process of matching frames to each client’s face shape and features with our proprietary system—Facial & Feature Analysis. In this Module, your Team will learn how to:

    • Introduce Facial Analysis Sessions to your Optical Practice

    • Easily assess each client’s facial shape and dominant features

    • Personalise your Eyewear Styling advice for each individual client

    • Assist clients in finding the perfect frame for their face shape and features

    • Utilise the proven Facial Analysis Model to effortlessly increase your eyewear sales

  • MODULE FOUR: Styling Sessions

    Unlock the secrets of successful Eyewear Styling to create and launch your end product—Eyewear Styling Sessions. In this Module, your Team will learn how to:

    • Create an Eyewear Styling offer for your Optical Practice

    • Implement the proven Eyewear Styling Academy process with ease

    • Consistently perform memorable Eyewear Styling Sessions for your clients

    • Leverage Eyewear Styling to enhance the experience you offer each client

    • Benefit financially from a reputable and profitable Eyewear Styling system that works

Become a Certified Eyewear Styling Practice . Enquire today for further details and custom pricing based on your Optical Practice size and unique needs.

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  • I’m surprised how easy it all is with the right steps and training. We have increased our turnover as well as helping our clients look their best.

    Adele Camarena – Spectacle World South Africa
    Eyewear stylist, Optometrist & Director

Monthly live training and Q&A sessions for your entire Optical Team.

Included in The Premier Eyewear Styling Programme for Optical Practices are live monthly training and Q&A sessions with industry-leading Eyewear Styling Expert, Eva Dave.

Designed to ensure your entire Optical Team is well-versed in all aspects of Eyewear Styling, these in-depth training sessions cover everything from day-to-day Styling techniques to efficient operations, and advanced marketing. Your Team will:

  • Learn the art of creating a luxury experience, without tapping into your profits
  • Discover how to curate eyewear collections that cater to a wide range of clientele
  • Understand fashion psychology, consumer behaviour, and purchasing motivations
  • Uncover the subtle art of eyewear styling for men, couples, and professionals
  • Witness the power of mindset training, to motivate and unite your team
  • Learn to leverage social media to promote your Practice, without advertising costs
  • Position your brand appropriately, in order to attract your preferred clientele
  • Practice Eyewear Styling qualification calls to prequalify prospective clients
  • Overcome common client objections and perfect the Eyewear Styling process

And, for anyone unable to attend the live sessions, or for the convenience of revisiting any topic, recordings of every training and Q&A session are made available in the Programme Portal.

head shot of Eva Dave, eyewear stylist, optometrist, public speaker, entrepreneur, Eyewear image consultant, business owner and director in a yellow dress

Meet your trainer—industry-leading Eyewear Stylist and multi-award winning Optical Practice Owner, Eva Dave.

The global leader in Eyewear Styling, Eva Dave is widely respected for her contributions to the Eyewear industry as a whole. First and foremost an Optometrist, Eva’s own Optical Practice, Style Optique, grew over 150% in just 3 years as a result of her Eyewear Styling System and has since won numerous awards for achievements in outstanding customer service, including the U.K.’s Fashion Practice of the Year Award.

As an industry-leading Eyewear Styling Expert, Image Consultant, and creator of Eyewear Styling Academy, Eva trains Optical Professionals and Practices worldwide in the art of successful Eyewear Styling, and promotes the importance of Eyewear as an accessory that makes each wearer look and feel their best.

See why The Premier Eyewear Styling Programme for Optical Practices is the Programme of choice for Optical Practices who seek to fast-track their success.

Created to assist Optical Practices in successfully curating a luxury experience, The Premier Eyewear Styling Programme for Optical Practices ensures every member of your customer facing Optical team is fully trained in the art of Eyewear Styling, and current on all the latest Eyewear Styling techniques and trends. 

Ideal for those who desire to fast-track their success, this Programme ensures your Optical Practice benefits from a full Team of qualified Eyewear Stylists, by offering you a fixed-fee investment based on your Optical Practice Team size. Each Team member who successfully completes the Programme will graduate with an industry recognised accreditation in Eyewear Styling and have the skills necessary to ensure your Optical Practice stands out from the high street.

  • Increase Your Average Dispense Values

    Leverage our proven Eyewear Styling System to impress your customers, sell multiple pairs of glasses to customers, and achieve average dispense values of £1000 and more.

  • Enhance Your Optical Practice Offerings

    Introduce Eyewear Styling at your Optical Practice and support your customers in finding the right pairs of glasses for their facial shape, features, dominant colour type, and personality.

  • Curate a Collection of Stylish Eyewear

    Learn exactly how to select eyewear that will suit a variety of individuals and reduce the worry of selecting the “right” stock by choosing pairs that match your target market.

  • Stand Out from the High Street

    Differentiate your Optical Practice from budget-driven high-street retailers by offering highly personalised and memorable services, tailored to each individual customer’s needs.

  • Wow Clients with Eyewear they Love

    Discover the secrets of effective eyewear styling and impress your customers with eyewear that suits their appearance and lifestyle, ensuring they look and feel their best every day. 

Ready to take your Optical Practice to the next level?

The Premier Eyewear Styling Programme for Optical Practices guides your entire Optical Team through the art of introducing a highly profitable Eyewear Styling offer at your Practice.

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  • Thank you so much for this information and opportunity, I have never seen my staff come together like this over anything! They are so excited!

    Dr Alan French – French Eyecare USA


  • Who is this Programme for?

    Whether you have an existing Practice and have been in business for years, or you are just opening your doors, The Premier Eyewear Styling Programme for Optical Practices provides the skills, techniques, and knowledge necessary to succeed in Eyewear Styling.

    This Programme is for Optical Practices serious about becoming elite Styling Practices, with fully-trained, knowledgeable Teams. It is for those Practices who seek to stand out from the high street, offer customers a memorable experience, and increase average dispense values, in order to rapidly scale their Practice’s reputation and profits.

  • How is the Programme structured?

    Designed to accommodate all learning styles and provide everything an Optical Practice needs to successfully offer Eyewear Styling to their customers, The Premier Eyewear Styling Programme for Optical Practices is structured into four Modules. Each Module includes a video training, a workbook, and other supportive materials to facilitate the learning process, and is accessible online, 24 hours a day for a full year following the date of purchase. Additionally, the Programme includes Monthly Zoom training and Q&A sessions with Eva Dave.

  • How long does it take to complete the Programme?

    The Programme is designed to be flexible and enable each member of your Team to complete it at their own pace or, if you prefer, your entire Team could complete a Module a week. On average, it takes about 6 weeks to complete the entire Programme and each member of your team will receive access to all course materials 24 hours a day for a full year. This allows plenty of time to train on all Modules and revisit course materials whenever necessary.

  • What is the investment?

    The Programme investment is custom quoted, to best accommodate your Optical Practice Team size and unique needs. The investment takes a fixed-fee approach, enabling you to provide Programme access to your entire Team, ensuring that you have a fully trained Team of Certified Eyewear Stylists. The upfront investment starts at £1500, with a monthly payment of £395 for 12 months, and varies based on Practice size. Please enquire for further details.

  • Can we expect a return on investment?

    Yes, The Premier Eyewear Styling Programme for Optical Practices is designed to assist Optical Practices, like yours, in unveiling Eyewear Styling Sessions that turn a profit. While of course, as with any training programme, you do need to apply the knowledge in order to reap the rewards, the Programme covers everything for you to be successful. Several Optical Teams have made their entire investment back within a week of completing the course and utilising their new found skills.

  • Does the Programme include support for my Optical Team?

    Yes! The Premier Eyewear Styling Programme for Optical Practices includes personalised support for each member of your Optical Team. In addition to assistance with Programme Modules, and Materials, your Team will also enjoy a full year’s access to Eva Dave via monthly Zoom training and the programme’s private Facebook Group, for any advice and support your Team might need.

  • Will my Optical Team be credentialed after completing the Programme?

    Yes, the Programme is in-depth, respected, and industry-recognised. It includes detailed assessments and, upon completion of The Premier Eyewear Styling Programme for Optical Practices, each graduate will receive an CPD-accredited Certification in Eyewear Styling.

See what other Optical Practices are saying…

  • Your course has been so enjoyable and really made me rethink how I dispense. I was both challenged and inspired at the same time. I have learned so many new style, dispensing and sales tools that I have already started using in the practices. The increase in average order value resulting from my new approach to dispensing has already paid for the course.

    Sheryl Doe, MD at Allegro Optical – Dispensing Optician of the Year 2019
  • This course has instilled confidence and theory into my eyewear styling process. [following the training] my first consultation was a multi-pair purchase, going over my current average dispense value by more than £1000.

    Annica Clark, FdSc OD at Clark Family Eyecare
  • The Eyewear Styling Course has enabled me to be more confident discussing frame design and colours with clients to make them happy with their glasses. Easy to follow modules, delivered by Eva gave me all the tools needed to add a new dimension to frame selection for both clients and stock. It has brought fun into the dispensing process.

    Karen Davies at Stow Opticians

All the tools you need to create a luxury Eyewear Styling boutique.

Offering you all the tools necessary to create a luxury Eyewear Styling boutique, including Eyewear Styling Certification training for your entire Practice team with monthly support, training, and Q&A sessions, plus the ability to add additional team members whilst in the Programme at no additional cost, The Premier Eyewear Styling Programme for Optical Practices is quite simply the most complete and respected Eyewear Styling Programme available worldwide.

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