Multiple Sales with LOVE

Consistent sales of multi pairs of eyewear is something many optical practices dream of, so imagine how selling 2 or 3 pairs of glasses per client, could transform your business!  Yet the rate of multiple pair sales in most optical practices hovers between 8%-10%, meaning 90% of buyers are only investing in one pair.

Considering this potential, it’s obvious to see that many practices are missing out. But have you ever thought about why this is, and where we may be going wrong as an industry?

Well here’s what I believe happens in many practices…….
Some optical teams are putting so much focus on selling multiple pairs that they are resorting to using what I call ‘dark psychology’ or manipulation tactics, what most people know as the hard sell.

Many teams may not even realise they are doing it, but when our intention is on selling multiple pairs, it is often not on the client. This can often have the opposite effect because whilst most people love to buy, they hate being sold to! And while there is no doubt this type of selling may work for some people – indeed there are hundreds of sales courses out there which teach it – the level of discomfort it causes for the client may mean they don’t return in the future-  because let’s face it, nobody likes feeling manipulated.

Then there are the other practices. Those that pride themselves on not being “salesy”.  In fact, they focus so hard on not coming across as pushy that they head in the opposite direction and let their clients completely lead the situation.  For e.g. if the client wants one cheap pair for reading that is exactly what they get, even though a pair of varifocals, and a second pair of polarised sunglasses, would be a far better option for the client’s needs – and one which the client would be thrilled with, if only they were offered it from a place of empathy and understanding.

In these cases the clients deepest needs and desires are still being neglected because the team are so focussed on being ‘liked’ and not coming across as ‘salesy’, and hence lack the confidence to make strong recommendations that are in the best interests of the client. Unfortunately in these cases the client often senses they are not dealing with confident, credible experts, and the practice profitability may suffer.

There is a better way…..
At my practice, Style Optique, we don’t set out  to sell our clients multiple pairs, and yet we are extremely fortunate that many of our clients actually do frequently make multiple pair purchases.

In fact we even have clients who will purchase upwards of 15 pairs in a 6 month period spending £20,000! Not once have we used a sales script or technique as we feel this would have only served to put off our clients, who we want to build long term relationships with.

Set your intention wisely
So if our intention is not to sell our client multi pairs, what is it?

Well it’s simply to help them discover their ‘perfect’ eyewear.

When we set a clear intention this way, it encourages us to be curious, to seek to understand our client and their unique needs and to learn and develop the styling skills  required (style personality, colour and facial analysis) to genuinely be able to help them look and feel the best version of themselves.

And that’s where the magic happens
People are much more willing to buy when they feel felt and understood and when they develop a strong desire or emotional attachment to a product – ie when the emotional value is worth more to them than the price.
When a client is really listened to, treated as an individual and styled with skill – and presented with personalised selection of eyewear, curated just for them – they typically fall in love with many of the pairs & will then begin to self-justify as to why they need 2 or 3 or even more pairs.

Things like:-
“Well I’ve worked all my life I deserve this”
“My husband spends thousands on his car, this can be my treat”
“My friend spends ridiculous amounts on shoes and handbags, At least my glasses help me see”
“ It’s my birthday next month, this can be my present to me”

And the best bit is, if a client has freely purchased multiple pairs because they love their eyewear, they will return again and again. Additionally they will refer their friends and family and write glowing testimonials (without you having to ask them) about your service and their experience. 

quote from a client
quote from a client
quote from a client

Selling multiple pairs with love

This is the essence of what we teach practices in the Eyewear Styling Practice Programme, we equip you and your optical teams with the styling and communication skills that allow you to select eyewear your clients will love.
There’s no uncomfortable sales tactics or magic sentences to persuade people to buy.

This is about training so you can develop your skills to help your clients look and feel the best version of themselves.

It’s a programme that is designed to give you deeper job satisfaction, plus grow and create a more meaningful business in the most ethical client focused way.

If this is what you desire for your clients and your business I’d love you to get in touch. Email