TOP TIP NUMBER 3- Frame Size!

Top Tips on How to Help Style Your Clients In Eyewear They Will Love!

Are you struggling to find the right eyewear to suit your clients?  Are you trying to speed up the frame selection process by instantly identifying eyewear that your clients will love?

Well, I have discovered how it’s possible and I want to share this knowledge with you too!

Over the next few weeks I am going to share my top 5 tips which I use to enable my clients to look and feel great in their eyewear.

TIP 3- Frame Size!

As much as we may be persuaded otherwise, when it comes to eyewear- size really does matter!  


The ideal frame should be as wide as the widest part of your clients face below the browline, any narrower and the frames will appear to add weight to their face and this is one of the biggest mistakes we see being made. It’s similar to a clothing faux pas – if you want to look slimmer -stay away from those trousers that are a size to small!

Here’s an example of Sam in frames that are slightly too narrow in width. This creates the appearance of a little more weight in his cheek area

Here is Sam in slightly wider frames, which make his face appear slimmer and more chiselled – bonus he’s much happier!


We also need to consider the depth of the frame.  A good rule to remember here is a longer face will look more in balance with a deeper frame and a shorter face with a shallower frame!

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Eva Davé  is a multi award winning boutique practice owner, optometrist and Image Consultant and creator of the Eyewear Styling Academy.