Top Tip NUMBER 4 – Personality Matters!

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Personality MATTERS

Top  Tips on How to Help Style Your Clients In Eyewear They Will Love!

Are you struggling to find the right eyewear to suit your clients?  Are you trying to speed up the frame selection process by instantly identifying eyewear that your clients will love?

Well, I have discovered how it’s possible and I want to share this knowledge with you too!

Over the next few weeks I am going to share my top 4 tips which I use to enable my clients to look and feel great in their eyewear


Personality Matters

Your client’s eyewear sits in the centre of their face for everyone to see & it should be an extension of who they are. Therefore not only should it complement their colouring and size – as we have mentioned in previous tips – but should also be perfectly placed to help express their personality.

There are six main style personalities and most of us will be dominant in two or more of these depending on our lifestyle, hobbies and working environment. Each personality prefers a different look in their eyewear and it is the reason your best friend may love bright wacky clothes/eyewear, whilst you may prefer something more understated.

It’s important that your clients feel comfortable in their new glasses. When they purchase new eyewear from you, they should feel as good as when they purchase a brand new outfit which makes them stand up tall and feel fantastic!

Here are the Six Style Personalities and eyewear they will love!

model with designer eyewear

Creating drama with bright or contrasting colours and extreme fashion forward styling is  key for this personality!

(Eyewear la Matta)

head shot of female model wearing cocosong eyewear

Softer shapes and interesting details are key for this personality! 

(Eyewear: CCS by Cocosong)

head shot of female model wearing designer eyewear

Elegant, sophisticated yet on trend is key for this personality (Eyewear Volte Face)

head shot of male model wearing designer eyewear

Comfort, durability and frames which are substantial key for this personality (Eyewear SALT optics)

head shot of female model wearing designer eyewear

Creating a piece of art with unique shapes, colours and styles is key for this personality! (Eyewear LA Eyeworks)


6. Classic Style Personality
head shot of male model wearing designer eyewear

Timeless, structured and classic designs are key for this personality (Eyewear SALT OPTICS)

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Eva Davé  is a multi award winning boutique practice owner, optometrist and Image Consultant and creator of the Eyewear Styling Academy.

Eva Dave, eyewear stylist, optometrist, public speaker, entrepreneur, Eyewear image consultant, business owner and director