The New Normal – How Eyewear Styling is Giving the Skills to Bounce Back!

Since UK lockdown restrictions have been lifted, at my award winning optical practice, Style Optique, we have seen a phenomenal increase in our monthly average sales in eyewear and are more than £30,000 up on our previous best ever month and almost £40,000 up on last July’s sales, putting us firmly on the path of rapid recovery and growth.

In fact, if it wasn’t for our past focus on developing our practice into an optical boutique and promoting our eyewear styling consultations, I highly suspect it would have been extremely challenging for us right now. Our strategy, during lockdown, was to consistently communicate positively to our clients and continue to promote the benefits of our eyewear styling consultations. Due to this, we have had many new clients through the door since re-opening in June.

So how have we done this? Ultimately it’s because we already have established a process in our practice which focuses on our clients and helps them find eyewear that they love.  But we have continued to develop in post lockdown and have made further changes to keep  our client experience fun as well as comfortable and safe.

So, is now the time for you to also consider developing a new way of operating to salvage income and increase your business sales?

By investing in a process such as the eyewear styling consultations, you can lift your sales, attract high quality clients and give your independent optical business a competitive edge and can see your business bounce back! 

The New Normal

More than ever, clients want to feel attended to right now and it’s important that despite covid restrictions each individual has an exciting experience  whilst in safe and secure environment.

At Style Optique, since June, we have developed an extra styling consultation suite affording extra privacy and space for a truly bespoke service.  We have Perspex screens with a little stylish decor through which we style clients allowing our clients to fully communicate with us whilst trying on frames.

Multiple Pair Sales

Clients love to explore their own style during our consultations, and after 3 months at home, they are more than happy to be able to explore a new world of eyewear style!

After completing our style consultation, we select and present our eyewear on special display trays for our client to try.  

 Knowing exactly the eyewear to select and present to your client, not only highly increases your credibility and therefore multi pair sales, but is also the best way for you to introduce clients safely to pairs of glasses right now.

For more information about this, I go into further detail in my recent blog, How to create a luxurious optical experience for your client’ read the article here for my top tips.

Eyewear Styling is certainly the driving force enabling my optical business to bounce back. Are you ready to make the next steps in doing the same?

Eyewear Styling Practice Programme

By enrolling your team on my e-learning certified eyewear stylist course right now,

Your practicecan also achieve the following skills and expetise:-

  • Become an expert eyewear styling practice
  • Create a fabulous new experience for your clients
  • Triple your dispense value with multiple pair sales
  • Make your practice stand out

This is what the training has done for me and many of my graduates. Wouldn’t this be a worthwhile investment!

Matching frames to faces has been a passion of mine since I qualified as a Dispensing Optician so when I found Eyewear Styling Academy I knew I had to do the course.I found the course very interesting, learning about different personalities, how to analyse client’s colours and why it’s important to pay attention to facial features and not just face shape. I’ve been through the whole course and continue to keep looking back at modules picking up things I missed the first time. Eva explains everything so well and in a way that makes sense. This course has instilled confidence and theory into my eyewear styling with my first consultation being a multi pair purchase and going over my current average dispense value by more than £1000. My client and her daughter in law, who was with her on the day, was ever so impressed with the knowledge I had. If you are considering taking this course then I would definitely recommend you do especially if you happen to have a passion for turning people from drab to fab using their eyewear.

Annica Clark FBDO, Clark Family Eyecare

I am here to help!


Throughout the fully interactive e-learning Eyewear Stylist Course I also offer full tutor support via email, zoom or telephone call throughout your studies.  In addition you will have access to our private Eyewear Styling Academy community group on Facebook to ask questions and interact with fellow stylists.

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