Eyewear Styling Boutique: 10 ways to create a luxurious optical experience and boost your profits

Post Covid, many of you will be seeing less clients per day which could mean that now is the perfect time to restructure and move towards targeting high end clientele, as well as  maximising your per-person value.

Here are some steps you can start to take :

1.Excellent Service. Clients expect service to be at the same level as the collections you carry. Selling luxury/high value eyewear demands an experience to match.

Many optical practices buy in more expensive collections, yet sell them in the same way as they always have. Selling luxury demands more & incorporating professional eyewear styling consultations by training your team as certified eyewear stylists,* allows you to offer a bespoke personalised service that the luxury buyer loves.

* A certified Eyewear Stylist is someone who has in depth training in the field of eyewear and style, far beyond what is taught in most optical qualifications. Their role is to consult and help their clients create the best creative expression of themselves through eyewear. They use their knowledge of shape, colour, facial analysis and clothing style to discover eyewear best suited to the client’s brief. No matter what challenge a client has, a trained eyewear stylist’s main goal is to utilise their styling skills to provide each client with an instant confidence boost by empowering them through their eyewear choices. Check out

2.It’s all about emotion! People don’t buy a luxury car because they need to get from A to B and people don’t buy luxury eyewear for the functionality.

They buy it for the style and the pleasure it brings them. When you move away from discussing only functionality and instead discuss feelings, pleasure and style, you will be more successful at selling luxury high end eyewear. Once again you can learn this if you train as an eyewear stylist.

3.Price is not everything. Do you always get a take-out, or do you sometimes treat yourself to a meal at a fine dining restaurant? Of course you do! Why?  Because it’s not just about price, it’s about the place, the energy, the ambiance, service, quality of food, the joy you feel and very often this justifies the price for you.

Selling luxury eyewear is the same. If you create an appealing environment, craft a wonderful experience -incorporating a bespoke styling consultation- people will pay for it. In fact a lower price can actually devalue and harm your brand. Look to bridal shops and luxury hotels to get inspiration for the environment and experience you could craft for your clients.

4.The Devil is in the detail.

Details matter a lot when selling luxury and the littlest thing matters. Try and exceed client expectations by trying the little things you can do to make their life easier:

– A free cloth and spray with every purchase

– A hand written thank you card

– A little pack with the results of their bespoke style and colours that will compliment both frames and clothes.

-Remember birthdays, anniversaries and calling you client or sending a card.

It’s the little things that really matter. Also to create the ‘wow’, which are the hallmarks of luxury service.

5.  Always be a Person before a Professional. First and foremost be a human being! Being super professional can actually make you unapproachable, and people may be less willing to open up to you or buy from you. 

Many people think that high end, affluent clients can also be unapproachable and therefore they can behave differently around them. We deal with some ultra affluent clients and WE certainly don’t completely change who we are. In life, we connect and build relationships with people we trust, and being authentic is important. Remember we have something in common with everyone we speak to. It is when people feel genuinely cared for that they will become your best ambassadors.  

6.Words and emotion. When selling luxury, words are immensely powerful and can evoke emotion and joy or alternatively, crush a sale. Words such as handcrafted, artisan and bespoke eyewear create a feeling of luxury and quality in a way that “do you prefer plastic or metal glasses?” never will.

“I’m going to customise the sides on this piece for you, would you like a drink while you wait” is far better than “I’m  just going to adjust these for you, just be a min”.

In fact, it’s worth thinking about what you say to clients on a day-to-day basis. Are there any words in practice which could be replaced with language which evokes the feeling of something special?

7. Energy! This is something we speak about a lot in our training sessions. Having good energy does not mean being loud and crazy. But it means constantly being aware of your own state and keeping up a level of positivity and centred focus on the client you are with.  

When we get anxious, stressed or busy, mental fatigue sets in and we can lose our focus and the ability to listen properly and we can miss the important details. Selling luxury products demands a focused positive energy and full attention on our client with no distractions – it takes effort.

We work together as a team to pace ourselves. We try and have short periods of time between clients to refocus, re-energise and get into the right headspace for each new appointment.  Keeping a good energy and focus is beneficial in so many ways. It keeps you connected and present in the moment, making you a better listener and communicator plus more positive to be around. These are all vital skills which impact the relationships we build, the eyewear we sell and the growth of our business.

8.Analyse and ImproveTry to set aside times of day in which you can discuss the successes and challenges of selling eyewear.

You and your team could ask any of the following:-

Could you have done anything better?

Did you miss something?

What did you do well?

Could anyone else offer any examples of improvement?

Did you discover something you want to share with the team?

Constant communication with the team is important when you are selling at a high level and the only way to grow. We make a pact to try not to take anything personally and see mistakes as an opportunity for the team to learn and grow.

9. It’s all in the Presentation. When selling luxury, handle each pair of frames as if they were the most precious diamond in the word. Love them and treat them tenderly. Your relationship with the eyewear will show the client that this is no ordinary eyewear. Take the eyewear to your client on a display tray – this itself will justify the cost. Hey, you have to wear gloves now anyway, so you may as well use them to add to the theatre!

If you are grabbing eyewear from shelves and putting them all over the desk in front of clients and handling them as if they were a disposable item, then telling them the frame is £700 may lose you the sale!

10. The additional purchase. In our practice one of the things that make us stand out is our eyewear wardrobes, handbags and jewellery. These are carefully crafted into the selling process i.e. if a client has just purchased a £1,000 pair of frames and we know we have the perfect handbag to match, it would be criminal not to tell her: “ I have the perfect handbag to match your new eyewear what do you think?”

Our handbags are £95, and often for a client who has just spent £1,000, (£75-£95 ) is not a lot extra.  The same with our eyewear wardrobes. If someone has just purchased 3 pairs of glasses, it seems silly not to mention our eyewear wardrobes, when it is such an obvious benefit to them. These are also great ways to increase the sale. They are also great gifts to use in offers, and add an exciting touch to the luxury experience.

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