Eyewear Styling Consultations: Create the Dream Experience

Do you want to know my biggest success secret? When everyone else was joining optical groups, I was learning all about the bridal industry!


In my opinion, the bridal industry really gets it right when it comes to creating an experience. They often create an exclusive, magical & fairytale type experience for women, many of whom have dreamed of their perfect dress since they were a little girl.

Many bridal boutiques give personalised styling advice and a closed door experience offering the bride and her party an exclusive session all to themselves often for an hour with prosecco and in a luxurious environment. It is frequently a space for laughter and emotional moments.

It is this exact experience that we create in our practice and I want to help create in our industry.

So it’s no accident that we receive reviews like this from our clients:

“An eyewear shopping experience as exciting as choosing your custom wedding dress!” Christine (client

Despite coming out of lockdown, having PPE, air sterilisation units and perspex screens- albeit with pink trim and teal glasses in the corners (you’ve got to make the effort right?)- we are still managing to delight our clients with our Eyewear Styling Consultations and practice experience.

 In the bridal world people are excited to choose their dress, but in optics the current way of choosing eyewear is often a stressful, cold, clinical and frequently a begrudging purchase experience for the client. And if we are not careful post lockdown, the industry is in danger of making it even more sterile and unappealing.

 But you can change this, as I have. Firstly by offering exciting eyewear collections that people connect with emotionally. Secondly by offering an exciting styling experience that is focussed on making your clients feel truly special.

This will lead to those beautiful moments when a client will put on their frames and be overcome with emotion- exactly  the same as when a bride discovers her perfect dress. This is THE magic we create and makes us stand apart.

And this what I can help you with.

 Eyewear styling is an experience where we take into account our client as a whole person, not just a face shape, or a prescription. We look at how they like to dress, what makes them feel good, which colours  uplift and compliment them, plus how their eyewear works with their outfits and personality as a whole. We guide clients in discovering eyewear which expresses everything that is special about them. And we do this in a private & luxurious setting dedicated to them, where they can feel free and comfortable.

Making people feel beautiful through eyewear styling has a profound effect on their self esteem, personal growth and will ultimately a huge impact on your business and your emotional pay check!

A bespoke Styling experience can change your practice and your clients’ lives. So, do you want to add Eyewear Styling Consultations to your practice? There is no better time than now to say “I do”!

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