How Eyewear Styling Can Benefit your Practice

Are you an independent optical practice looking to differentiate yourselves?

Do you and your team sometimes struggle to find the right eyewear to suit your clients?

If so, and you are also looking for help with stock selection and styling suggestions, The Eyewear Styling Academy has the perfect solution for you and your team!

Eyewear Styling Practice Programme from the Eyewear Styling Academy

Our award winning Eyewear Styling Practice Programme includes everything you and your team need to stand out from the high street and fast forward to becoming an eyewear styling practice.

Feedback form consumers of eyewear shows that their experience feels impersonal and rushed. Knowing this, we’ve developed a unique, accredited Eyewear Styling Course to help your practice offer the personalized service and unique eyewear we know makes a difference to our clients’ lives.


If you want to become an optical eyewear styling practice and enrol your team to become expert eyewear stylists, you will be able to help your practice stand out from the crowd by offering a bespoke, luxury styling consultation service.  

The Eyewear Styling Practice Programme will teach you how to:

  • Identify the six different style personalities and the matching styles of eyewear for each one
  • Analyse your clients dominant colour type quickly and accurately from hair, skin and eye colour.
  • Learn the seven steps of facial and feature analysis to select eyewear that flatter your clients
  • Understand how to effectively stock your practice in eyewear styles and colours for your unique clients
  • Carry out the step-by-step of a styling consultation from introduction to the final selection
  • Effectively stock eyewear styles and colours for maximum revenue


  • You will be invited to become a member of an online community of Eyewear Stylists who support each other online with their styling journeys
  • We also include a FREE Live Zoom sessions every month which takes a deep dive into topical themes around eyewear and styling
  • And more……

“Your course has been so enjoyable and really made me rethink how I dispense. I was both challenged and inspired at the same time. I have learned so many new style, dispensing and sales tools that I have already started using in the practice. The increase in average order value resulting from my new approach to dispensing has already paid for the course.” Sheryl Doe –Managing Director, Allegro Optical (Dispensing Optician of the Year 2019)

‘The biggest gain from eyewear styling practice programme was that it changed the behaviour of our entire practice in just 6 weeks.!” Adele Camarena – Spectacle World South Africa

’I’ve just has the best weekly staff meeting! They deliberated, they argues, they laughed and they compromised, but my staff have bought into this 100%. I have never seen them come together like this over anything. They are truly excited! Alan. L. French -OD, FAAO French Eyecare USA


Are You Ready To Transform Your Clients and Business? 

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