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Eyewear Styling Practice Programme

This blog explores why the Eyewear Styling Practice Programme is important. 

As opticians and optical practice owners, we know the importance of industry training and how vital this is for equipping us to give the best advice, service and care to our clients and patients.

But when it comes offering eyewear style advice regarding which eyewear works for our clients, there seems little support or training available from the optical industry.

Yet this is the area in which clients often experience the most dissatisfaction and where optical staff need the most help and training.  A Boots study of over 12,000 clients revealed that 67% care more about getting the right style of glasses, than having the perfect vision.  Also that almost 25% of people don’t wear their prescribed glasses for fear of looking and feeling old, unfashionable and not like themselves!


Was always settling for “it’s okay, but…” with high street and other independent opticians there’s just no wow factor at all. It’s like we are not meant to be noticed at all”

“I felt I was stuck choosing from a very limited fashion range in high street opticians, nothing which suited me as a person”

 “Most high street glasses are boring, and just don’t suit my personality”

“There is such a lack of choice and no individual styles to choose from in most opticians”

I have never managed to find glasses that suit my character”

“My glasses were ok but nothing to rave about it was difficult to find the right colour and right styles, which worked for me”

“I always felt dowdy and old, I hated my  boring glasses and the fact that I had to wear them, and wanted something fun which reflected me!”


Meeting the neglected Stylistic and Emotional needs of your clients

Over the past 4 years, through my personalised eyewear styling consultations, I transformed my optical practice to meet the neglected stylistic needs and emotional desires of my ideal clients.

This transformed my optical business. It enabled me to add value and offer a greater purpose, making people feel special and more empowered. It also multiplied our average dispense value to over £1200 and our referral rate skyrocketed.


“Wow, what a friendly, professional team. Nothing was too much trouble. The whole experience makes you feel so special, with such attention to detail, you do not leave until you are 100% happy. I love my glasses, they are stylish, sexy, lots better to see with than anything I’ve had in the past. No more headaches! Life- changing in every way- can’t wait to go back and choose some more – I’m now addicted to glasses from style Optique- Thank you guys xx”

Fabulous! Just fabulous! So refreshing to get such amazing customer service, finally! From my first phone call to collecting my glasses I was treated like I was special! Genuinely lovely friendly people, and my new glasses and sunglasses are just super! I will certainly be coming back year after year. Why would I go anywhere else?! Well worth the hours road trip to Market Drayton! I went in feeling like an ugly duckling and came out a beautiful swan!

Had an amazing experience at Style Optique, I was made to feel relaxed and special not just another client, had a lovely  styling consultation and came away having chosen an amazing pair of glasses, can’t wait to collect them. At no point was there a push to make me purchase from them. Fantastic experience and also some lovely gifts to take home which I had no idea about until I came away!

As soon as I stepped into inside I knew this was going to be an amazing experience Eva was fabulous ,the level of customer service was effortless nothing was to much trouble. I’ve been trapped in high street optician frames for far too long and knew I needed something to match my personality and reflect me as a person and boy did they deliver. I know I have undoubtedly found an opticians with which I will return to again and again thanks Eva and staff you made my day! The gift bag of wonderful goodies was the icing on the cake of the whole experience xx



This is why I developed the Eyewear Practice Programme to help optical business owners and their teams, navigate the sometimes confusing but wonderful world of eyewear and style.



If you want to learn more about becoming a luxurious, styling practice and you are ready to fast forward your business growth – or if you want to train to become an eyewear stylists – why not schedule a call with me below.


Alternatively you can:- Watch My Brand New Free Training: ” How to Triple Your Turnover with Eyewear Styling.”


Become an Eyewear Styling Practice Programme

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