Facing Facts

Figuring out your clients’ face shape and features should be easy, yet it’s the area in which many optical professionals struggle with the most.

Why is This?


Whilst the minority of us may fulfil the criteria of a perfect round, square, heart, oval face shape, the vast majority of us do not.

We are a wonderful mix of angles, curves and unique features and many of us don’t fit into the face-shape box, making it almost impossible to determine the exact shape!

Accepting this fact does not have to make life more difficult, in fact, it can make life much easier!  

Instead of agonizing over which face shape is most like your clients, just focus on the face and features in front of you.

At the Eyewear Styling Academy, we have learnt that by making a few key observations, you can confidently advise your clients on the size and shapes of frame which will look great on their unique and fabulous face and features.


In the UK we tend to subscribe to the rules of:

  • balancing/ softening a square or angled face & features with a round frame
  • balancing/creating more angles in a round face & features with a square frame

However, there are many image professionals around the globe who subscribe to the opposite rule and work with the natural shapes and angles in the face.

But who is right?

With regards to face shapes & features, at the Eyewear Styling Academy, we teach that you can determine the best outcome by assessing your clients style personality.

For example, if your client is confident and likes to stand out in bold colours then an angled frame on a predominantly angular face, can highlight theses captivating features.

However, if they have a more romantic personality and enjoy dressing in pretty florals, then it may be better to soften the angles in a lighter coloured frame working to lessen the severity of the look in combination with their clothing style and personality. And vice versa with a curved face and features.

These are just some of the examples that we cover in the Eyewear Stylist Practice Programme

The certified eyewear styling practice programme equips optical practice teams with the skills they need to develop a personalised eyewear styling consultation.

Training your entire team as eyewear stylists can assist you in several ways. Not only does the practice programme give you the knowledge and information you may need to succeed in assessing face shape, style personalising but also a competitive edge and credibility, especially when there can be multiple choices for the clients on the high street these days.

So there you have it. It’s all about working with and understanding the unique person in front of you.


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