Selling High End Eyewear

Would you like a process to effortlessly sell high value eyewear?

Many independent practice owners I speak to know that to grow and have a successful thriving practice, they need to differentiate themselves with their client experience and their products.

They realise that investing in niche or high end eyewear collections is the way forward. But the problem is they are apprehensive about investing in these kind of collections due to fear their team may not be able to sell them. They have recurring nightmares a of thousands of pounds being left gathering dust on the shelves.

So they choose to do nothing. And stay as they are.

The danger of this, is the competition may not be.

But what if you had a process which could help you effortlessly sell multiple pairs of your high end eyewear and  even better give you the skills to know exactly  the types of collections to order for maximum revenue. Not to mention provide an impressive array of eyewear styles and experience for your clients which will have them raving about you!

This is one of the reasons Jugesh reached out to me, and took the eyewear styling programme.  He wanted to create an elite experience for his clients, and be able to offer them professional styling advice as well as help selling his high end niche collections which he had invested in.

Read Jugesh’s story:

“Being a lover of and having a passion for fabulous eyewear that is a little different to main stream frames, meant having some beautiful frames on my shelves but I found them difficult to sell.

Over the years I’ve come to realise that showing the right frame choice to clients at the outset is crucial if you want them to put their trust in you. If you show them frames that don’t work for them initially, they will opt for similar styles and colours they are comfortable with or worse still- go elsewhere.

This is where Eyewear Styling Academy comes into its own. They show you how to select different styles/looks for different people.

Now, I’ve always been quite good at selecting frame shapes and colours for clients but never really considered eyewear personality styling guides. This crucial factor has helped me to show the right style of frame to clients and now those beautiful frames which I struggled to sell are suddenly flying off the shelves!

I now have complete confidence in showing clients what eyewear can do for them and which suits their personality type – this to me is the part of the dispensing process I never really gave much thought to, but makes all the difference.

My average dispense value has definitely increased as a result and my confidence in selecting eyewear for clients and their trust in me has grown.

It also helps you to see the beauty in some of these fabulous frames because after the course you will look at frames differently and see who the various styles and colours are aimed at and more importantly who they will look good on!”

Jugesh Naru, Optometrist.

If you want to learn how to sell high value eyewear why not book a call to chat about my eyewear styling practice programme.