From Rags to Riches

The first job I ever had was a newspaper round,  I cycled 6 nights a week, 1 hour every night after school for just £5 a week. I lasted 2.5 years. The longest anyone lasted before or since was just 6 weeks!  Most people couldn’t hack it, I know because I’m still in contact with the owners of the shop. It wasn’t easy & most of it involved cycling uphill in all weathers, no matter what. If my tire went flat or it was snowing, I would walk it for 2 .5 hours, sometimes in the dark if the street lamps weren’t working.

But like everything I do in life, I gave that paper round 100%, it wasn’t just about the money for me and as the regular paper girl I built relationships with my clients.  I would have a little chat to them each evening, I would shop for some of my elderly customers if they found it difficult to leave the house and I even sent them Christmas cards. For me the emotional pay cheque and the need to do a job well far outweighed the physical one.

But what I discovered was that these touches of kindness and relationship building didn’t go unnoticed.

I would sometimes deliver the newspaper and find a present, a thank you card, some chocolate or better still a £5 note in an envelope as a tip.

In fact some months I made 300% more in tips than I did the paper round itself.

First Life Lessons

This was my first life lesson – be kind. Take a interest in people, build relationships and you will be rewarded in many ways.

I gave far more to the job than what my salary was at the time, I added so much extra value for my customers that they wanted to give something back. They couldn’t refer, or send a friend, so they gave me a tip or a gift.

I’ve come very far from my newspaper round days and am now doing average eyewear sales of £1,200 but the basic priciples of kindness, relationship building still remain the same and selling at  this level demands bucket loads of extra value.

Optimum Customer Service

So I give more than any other optician around. All my team are qualified professionals and eyewear stylists, which means my clients will always speak to a caring thoutful expert with their happiness at heart. As trained stylists we give our clients advice on colours and styles which will work for them in clothing and eyewear, and empower them to look and feel the best version of themselves.We also give our clients drinks and snacks.  We can offer make up, nutrition tips as well as coaching advice on how to feel empowered and confident in their eyewear- and we even send our clients cards and even do their shopping if needs be!

Many people say how do you get your clients to spend £1,000 or more, the answer is we give them in friendship, in time & in both clinical and style advice far far more than the price they pay, and far more than any other optician will give them. And £1,000 on a pair of glasses they are in love with and an experience which makes them feel empowered  and special with people they trust 100%, is worth far more than a £200 pair of glasses they feel bad in and a stressful visit to the opticians.

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