Fashion for Eyes

Fashion is considered the UK’s largest creative industry which creates approximately 800, 000 jobs and is worth £26 billion to the UK economy *

One of the commonly cited key strengths of the UK fashion industry – which is celebrated globally – is our ability to produce fashion designers who focus on individual & unique style. And of course there is also our demand for it.

However, one thing that frequently gets forgotten when focussing on fashion is Eyewear!  Consumers have traditionally spent a large amount on accessorises such as shoes, jewellery and handbags and even collect them,  yet eyewear seems to be considered, by many, as merely a functional device.

Of course, nobody wants to be reminded that their eyesight is failing, and perhaps this can contribute to perceptions, however from my experience with my many clients, eyewear can be the very thing which helps them celebrate their individuality, quirks and personal style.

Investing in Style

I believe that how we have conducted ourselves as an industry of optical professionals is part of the problem.

Historically, there has been little or no help / training for those working in the optical industry in fashion or styling of eyewear. Yet this seems remarkable when considering the conspicuous nature of the devices we are prescribing!

By focusing predominantly on eye health rather than investing in how to help our clients choose their eyewear, we have let many down. I frequently see clients who seek me out after bad experiences including buyer’s remorse. Yes our role is to assess and help correct eyesight, but this is NOT our only responsibility! We have a duty to help our clients find eyewear they want to wear and feel happy in. Otherwise, what is the point

Seeing is Believing

This is why I developed my unique one to one Eyewear Styling Consultation at Style Optique and subsequently founded the Eyewear Styling Academy.

My dedicated one to one consultations have not only revolutionised my clients’ lives, but also helped them discover eyewear that they love -and which helps them discover and reflect their individual style.

‘’If anyone is feeling like they need a boost after this dreadful year and lockdown, then this is the best place to get one. The team will make sure your experience is one you will never forget and you will  leave feeling amazing. I did and I wouldn’t go anywhere else now!’’

Lyn Davies, Style Optique client.

Additionally it’s also has helped me more than quadruple my average dispense value and allow my business to grow!

You too can join the growing global community of optical eyewear stylists, who are positively contributing towards helping glasses wearers all over the world both discover and fall in love with their individuality through their eyewear choices.  

Help people believe in themselves by seeing their unique power through style!

*British Council –

Eyewear Styling Academy

By enrolling your team or yourself on my e-learning certified eyewear stylist course right now, you can transform your offering!

The Eyewear Styling Academy offers the UK’s first interactive, e-learning, certified Eyewear Stylist Course for the Optical Industry. The online course has been launched for optical practice owners, dispensing opticians and optical retail staff worldwide and is available online via a bespoke e-learning platform designed exclusively by the Eyewear Styling Academy.

What you will learn

The course is also CPD certified course & teaches optical practice owners and their teams how to: 1)stand out from competitors 2) increase their average dispense value 3) build customer loyalty 4) create an unparalleled service 5) choose and stock unique eyewear and  6) create a unique selling proposition of becoming an Eyewear Styling Practice. The course has downloadable resources and guides, mobile and desktop access and ongoing support and advice. Plus access to a free community support group.

Throughout the fully interactive course I also offer full tutor support via email, zoom or telephone call throughout your studies.  In addition you will have access to our private Eyewear Styling Academy community group on Facebook to ask questions and interact with fellow stylists.

By Enrolling today, you can also achieve the following skills and expertise:-

  • Become an expert in eyewear styling
  • Create a fabulous new experience for your clients
  • Triple your dispense value with multiple pair sales
  • Make your practice stand out

I am here to help

I have over 20 years in the optical industry as well as being a fully trained Image consultant and eyewear styling expert with expertise in fashion psychology. My award winning optical practice, Style Optique, has tripled its turnover in less than four years & i have increased  my average dispense value from £120 to £900. But most importantly, I have helped hundreds of clients find their perfect style for eyewear, transforming their image and building their confidence. See their testimonials here

If you would like to grow your business and help your clients find eyewear that they truly love visit the website or email me via