BREAKING NEWS For Optical Practice Owners!

After talking to many Optical practice owners throughout the world, I’m a little worried. There is a concerning trend that could be putting many independent optical practices at risk – that going into preservation mode & relying solely on government and others for help, or simply hoping that this global crisis will all blow over soon, will somehow get you through!

The reality is, this pesky virus could be sticking around for quite some time. Optical practices that are not putting solid plans in place for growth – or whom are relying on others for help – will find themselves in a position where the money will eventually run out!

But there is GOOD NEWS!

During the current pandemic, my optical practice and my clients’ practices have continued to show strong and steady growth, despite seeing less clients.

In fact we are having our best year ever!


Using my proprietary eyewear styling process we help maximise the value of each client that walks through our door. This is achieved via an incredible experience which opens our clients minds to multiple pairs of glasses for different looks, helping them look and feel the best version of themselves.

There is a GREAT opportunity to grow right now!

Our practice clients are desperate for exciting experiences and purchases which make them feel good about themselves.

In my optical practice alone, we quickly recouped our lost revenue from 3 months of lockdown, within just 8 weeks from eyewear styling consultations!

And I want to help other optical practices achieve the same level of success.

So, if you are fed up with your current situation and are hungry for something bigger and if you have the desire to create an empowering experience in your practice which touches peoples lives in a profound way, consider discovering more.

If you want to continue going from strength to strength despite the current global crisis then why not book a strategy call with me to find out if the eyewear styling practice growth programme is for you.

But I do need to be clear about one thing…..

……This is NOT for everyone! This is for optical practice owners who are forward thinking, are willing to put in the work, have a vision for a better future, and have the capacity to make it happen now.

If you want to find out more about creating an optical styling boutique that deeply impacts your business and clients lives, then get your call booked today.

To your success

Eva x

P.S I’m running case study group this month for the eyewear styling practice growth programme and have a couple of spaces left. This means you have the opportunity to get a great programme at a slightly reduced cost – book now!

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