Practical Tips – How to become an Eyewear Styling Practice

I often get asked by practice owners what is needed to become a sought after styling practice and for their team to become eyewear stylists, especially from those in optometry who have never had any formal training in fashion or the style. And let’s face it, considering the optical industry doesn’t recommend any formal styling training to help with dispensing eyewear, it’s little wonder that opticians are struggling in this area.

More often not, I hear that clients’ have been recommended eyewear that doesn’t chime harmoniously with their own style, frequently leading to their buyer’s remorse. 

Investing in training for your team to become eyewear stylists can give you a point of different and enable your practice to be fully equipped in this exciting new area, leading to happy clients and increased profits for your business too!

But firstly, what is so special about an eyewear stylist?

 An eyewear stylist is responsible for assisting clients with choosing and co-ordinating eyewear that compliments their unique styling personality including the way they dress, accessorise, pick colours, fabrics and like to be seen.  They ultimately help your clients look and feel the best version of themselves!

An eyewear stylist will choose a selection of eyewear for their clients which they believe match these criteria and acts as a mentor or guide in empowering their clients to discover eyewear which they love.

An eyewear stylist will know how to assess colour type, identify style personalities and corresponding styles of eyewear, understand the psychology of colour and different style personalities, analyse facial and features, choose effective eyewear stock and make an overall assessment to effectively recommend the best eyewear from these collections.

They also have the skills to open a clients mind to multiple pairs for different looks!

These skills enable your team to communicate and align with your clients on a much  deeper level, developing long lasting relationships and trust, which are at the heart of a successful business.

What makes a successful Eyewear Stylist?

  1. Passion for People

I always recommend that first and foremost, a passion for wanting to help your clients find their best eyewear to fully reach their potential is a great place to start.  Helping your clients’ feel the best version of themselves in their eyewear is not only professionally rewarding, but will your team personal satisfaction too. We’ve all experienced how it feels when we receive optimum customer service, when someone goes the extra mile to please us. It’s the same with eyewear and if your client feels that your team care passionately about them, they’ll  trust you to accompany them on their journey to find the best specs to suit them!

2.Dress to Inspire

If you and your team are going to be recommending stylish eyewear, you’d better look the part.  At my optical practice, we always dress to compliment our unique personal styles and tastes which reflect our idiosyncrasies of character. For example, I often wear my bespoke, cat eye statement pieces which reflect my dramatic style personality. Whereas my husband Sam who is more of a creative, will often wear more colourful and vibrant styled frames to match his relaxed and fun loving personality.

We often get asked about our style and we find that it helps our clients feel assured in their confidence when buying with us. You and your team can also achieve this by dressing to reflect your own style personality and in turn, help your clients find theirs. The eyewear stylist course itself can help your team discover their unique style so they can best help their own clients

The black hair against her pale skin and blue eyes will completely change her colouring type making her a clear; high shine blacks, high contrast colour combinations and bold colours will work much better for her and her style.

So we chose frames that were dark edgy and sexy in design to reflect who she really was rather than who she presented as. To compliment her authentic self!

Right now, the frames dominate her soft colouring slightly and didn’t complement her floral dress- but next week, with hair done- they will look incredible!

3. Keep abreast of current trends

Some style personalities will want to follow the latest fashion trends. Whilst you don’t need to be an expert here, it would help for you to be aware of the latest colour, fabric, print and style forecasts in the world of fashion. Positioning your stylists as knowledgeable in this area will assist your with building your profile as an eyewear styling practice.  Keep a look out in the style section of the media and also make sure to sign up to my ‘Style Your Way to Success’ Facebook Group where I frequently give top tips and advice in eyewear style and fashion.

4. Collaboration

Show you care about style as a whole by connecting in with other fashion experts in your area.  We have found that when clients are buying eyewear to match their style, they frequently are considering their entire look. At style Optique, we stock designer handbags and unique jewellery made by other local and independent designers. Often our clients will buy these items alongside their new eyewear & they welcome the fact that we source bespoke accessories that can’t be found elsewhere.  You can also run joint events with the other fashion experts in your area to add value to existing customer experience and attract new.

5. Get a qualification with the Eyewear Styling Practice Programme

My certified eyewear styling course equips optical practice teams with the skills they need to develop a personalised eyewear styling consultation.

Training your  entire team as eyewear stylists can assist you in several ways. Not only does a course give you the knowledge and information you may need to succeed in assisting and guiding your clients, but also a competitive edge and credibility, especially when there can be multiple choices for the clients on the high street these days.

My certified eyewear styling course equips optical practice teams with the skills they need to develop a personalised eyewear styling consultation.

By enrolling your team will learn how to:-

-Identify the six different style personalities and the matching styles of eyewear for each one

-Analyse your clients dominant colour type quickly and accurately from hair, skin and eye colour

-Understand the psychology of colour and use this to enable clients to feel great and create different impressions

-Learn the seven steps of facial and feature analysis to select eyewear that flatter your clients

-Understand how to effectively stock your practice in eyewear styles and colours for your unique clients

-Carry out the step-by-step of a styling consultation from introduction to the final selection

-Effectively stock eyewear styles and colours for maximum revenue

You will also have the chance to work with me personally over zoom, to help implement the process into your practice.


Throughout the fully interactive e-learning Eyewear Stylist Course I also offer full tutor support via email, zoom or telephone call throughout your studies.  In addition you will have access to our private Eyewear Styling Academy community group on Facebook to ask questions and interact with fellow stylists.

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