See what other optical professionals have to say about the Eyewear Stylist Course below….

  • Matching frames to faces has been a passion of mine since I qualified as a Dispensing Optician so when I found Eyewear Styling Academy I knew I had to do the course.I found the course very interesting, learning about different personalities, how to analyse client’s colours and why it’s important to pay attention to facial features and not just face shape. I’ve been through the whole course and continue to keep looking back at modules picking up things I missed the first time. Eva explains everything so well and in a way that makes sense. This course has instilled confidence and theory into my eyewear styling with my first consultation being a multi pair purchase and going over my current average dispense value by more than £1000. My client and her daughter in law, who was with her on the day, was ever so impressed with the knowledge I had. If you are considering taking this course then I would definitely recommend you do especially if you happen to have a passion for turning people from drab to fab using their eyewear.

    Annica Clark FBDO
    Clark Family Eyecare.
  • The Eyewear Styling Course has been one of the most interesting courses I have done. As an optometrist I have always been passionate about my clients’ eye health and prescription ensuring they are receiving the best clinical care possible. That though is only half of it. Clients’ need to feel and look good in their eyewear. The Eyewear Styling Course has enabled me to be more confident discussing frame design and colours with clients to make them happy with their glasses. Easy to follow modules, delivered by Eva, discussing personalities, colour, face shape etc gives all the tools needed to add a new dimension to frame selection for both clients and stock. It has brought fun into the dispensing process. Clients’ have been very positive and love getting different looks for different situations.

    Karen Davies
    Stow Opticians
  • I was quite delighted to come across the Eyewear Styling Academy during my online search, and even more pleased that it met my expectations. Our experience in helping clients choose their eyewear has taught us the importance of understanding the many physical, personality and colouring considerations that need to be brought together to ensure a perfect fitting pair. This course was very explicit, yet detailed. It touched on all the important areas that has helped equip me and by extension, my optical practice to offer a fun eyewear consultation service. We are confident that this new knowledge/skill will translate to better sales!

    Dr. Ugonna Nwigwe
    Founder and Creative Head The Eye Place, Nigeria
  • Completing the eyewear styling academy course has taken my dispensing to another level. I am repeatedly doing dispenses over £1000 which I would never have thought possible a few months ago. It has given me much more confidence talking about styling and colour in my consultations. With the course itself I was pleasantly surprised at the interactive side with Eva talking you through each section rather than just being given big chunks of text to read. This would be a perfect add on to the DO course to give a much needed set of skills to make us even better experts in our field. Would highly recommend this to any optical professional who wants the very best for their clinets and their practice

    Zoe W
  • I really enjoyed this course! It provides a structured approach to frame choice and gives the language and confidence to advise customers.

  • Its truly unbelieveable how the Eyewear Stylist Course has changed the way I work as a DO. It’s a fun way to learn vital new skills that will enhance your career as a DO and give you great job satisfaction when you begin to see how well the process works – my dispense value has tripled!”

    Linda H
  • After taking the eyewear styling course, I have been able to diversify my practice. I found a wider scope of opportunities in advising my patients and found a passion for styling them into eyewear. I am now also more confident with colours. The world of styling is new for me especially having my main training as an Optometrist. The results are simply fabulous! Thank you to Eva for being such a great support and for bringing so much value to the optical industry. The styling world gets rid of the monotony of every day retail practice opticians are used to.

    Ali Subratty
    La Belle Vue (Mauritius)
  • Being a lover of and having a passion for fabulous eyewear that is a little different to main stream frames meant having some beautiful frames on my shelves but found them difficult to sell. I buy what I think are beautiful frames but found them hard to sell due to various factors such as colour combinations or the quirkiness of them. Showing the right frame choice to clients at the out set is crucial if you want them to put their trust in you. If you show them frames that don’t work for them initially, they will opt for similar styles and colours they are comfortable with. This is where Eyewear Styling Academy comes into its own. They show you how to select different styles/looks for different people. Now I’ve always been quite good at selecting frame shapes and colours for clients but never really considered eyewear personality styling guides. This crucial factor has helped me to show the right style of frame to clients and now those beautiful frames say on my shelves are suddenly flying off the shelves now. As I now have the confidence in showing clients what eyewear can do for them and which suits their personality type – this to me is the part of the dispensing process I never really gave much thought to, but makes all the difference. I wasn’t really expecting my dispensing value to increase much having done the course but the average dispense value has definitely increased as a result and my confidence in selecting eyewear for clients has also grown. It also helps you to see the beauty in some of these fabulous frames because after the course you will look at frames differently and see who the various styles and colours are aimed at and more importantly who they will look good on!

    Jugesh Naru
  • I found the course very interesting, learning about personalities, analysing colours & facial features. It’s fab for everyone whether you’re new to optics or experienced. I’ve found it has enabled me to adapt and fine tune my dispensing-and to make a point that dispensing is more than just maths, it’s an art when carried out correctly which sets you apart from others.

    Sarah Bartlett
  • Your course has been so enjoyable and really made me rethink how I dispense. I was both challenged and inspired at the same time. I have learned so many new style, dispensing and sales tools that I have already started using in the practice. The increase in average order value resulting from my new approach to dispensing has already paid for the course.

    Sheryl Doe
    Managing Director, Allegro Optical (Dispensing Optician of the Year 2019)
  • I’ve just has the best weekly staff meeting! They deliberated, they argues, they laughed and they compromised, but my staff have bought into this 100%. I have never seen them come together like this over anything. They are truly excited!

    Alan. L. French
    OD, FAAO French Eyecare USA


Here’s what some of Eva’s personal clients have to say about her bespoke styling consultation……….

  • “Wow” What an amazing experience!! I went in for new glasses and came away with a whole new outlook on life! The service from Sam, Eva and Linda is amazing from the minute you walk through the door. I was asked questions about myself and had a colour test to see what frame would suit me best. This resulted in me being shown some FANTASTIC frames and I quickly found THE ONES!- They made me feel amazing. Eva and Linda had given me the confidence to try something I would not normally have tried- they were so right- these were my HAPPY GLASSES and I didn’t want to take them off! The service goes beyond just having an eye examination and choosing glasses- its very personal- just for you- and they give you the confidence to express your personality with your glasses. My new glasses have made such a different to my confidence!

    Laura H
  • Illustrative pair of pink cat eye glasses

    “I walked into Style Optique and received a warm welcome from the team. It was immediately obvious that Eva has an eye for colour and fashion’ (excuse the pun) and that Style Optique’s aim is to provide a bespoke service built on the understanding that eyewear should be tailored to individual personality and taste. Glasses are now a ‘tool’ which I simply cannot get by without and Eva understood that I was looking for an ‘invaluable and beautiful tool’ which I would enjoy using. It came as no surprise to learn that Eva is both an Optometrist and a trained Image Consultant with a particular interest in the psychology of colour, who passionately wants to support every client to look and feel amazing in their chosen eyewear – and a consultation with her is a great experience! I went into Style Optique in ‘just looking’ mode and came out walking on air. I really did not expect to find such attractive, perfect fitting, light-weight and supremely comfortable eyewear locally. In future, if I am asked which beauty tools I could not live without, it will have to be my glasses from Style Optique! Thank you all for a fantastic experience all round and one which I thoroughly recommend”

    Sue M
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    “I travelled nearly 200 miles in order to have my latest eye test because of all the great things I’d heard about the service this opticians provide. I wasn’t disappointed. This was an amazing experience and made me feel like they were really focussed on me and my needs. Part of the reason I went so far is I was bored of the dull and uninspiring frame choice in lots of places but here I was spoilt for choice. I also enjoyed the styling questionnaire and the insight that gave me into what sort of glasses would suit me best. I left feeling my glasses choice was perfect for me. However there was one last surprise in store for me. As I wasn’t local my glasses were posted out to me and I was blown away by the extra care and attention paid to even that part of the process. I won’t say exactly what that entailed as it will spoil the surprise for anyone else who chooses to follow in my footsteps, but rest assured, you’re in amazing hands if you choose to go this magical place and experience this team’s dedication to their services for yourself.”

    Suzi F
  • Illustrative pair of pink cat eye glasses

    “What an experience! I decided on StyleOptique in Market Drayton as I like something different and a bit ‘out there’. I really wasn’t disappointed. After a personality and colour review various pairs of glasses were presented and whittled down to the most amazing glasses I have ever owned. Be prepared to spend more than ‘normal’, but the treatment you receive is far from normal, and the glasses are to die for. Thank you to the team at Mincher-Lockett – you are all fabulous and I will never buy my glasses from anywhere else again.”

    Jayne O
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    “I had an amazing experience with the styleoptique team in Market Drayton, they couldn’t do enough for me. I now have the perfect pair of glasses after many years of searching. My glasses were chosen after a detailed process of colour and personality analysis. I’m so happy I decided to pop in. For the first time I can say I love my glasses. Thank You!”

    Lucy B
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    “Very excited to have new glasses and for the first time EVER, prescription sunglasses. Thank you to Eva Davé and her husband Sam for making me so welcome in their niche eyewear business Market Drayton. The 222 mile round trip was absolutely worth it. I can now say GOODBYE forever to my 13 year old pair that gave up the ghost after my dog chewed them! I now have glasses that compliment my face shape, suit my colouring and my Classic Dramatic style personality. A fantastic experience that I would highly recommend.”

    Janet B
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    “I had an amazing styling experience today. What a difference to the ones I am wearing now. We certainly found the right shape and shade for me – beautiful glasses and very unique. A wonderful team and the benefits of having a personal styling consultation well worth it. Discovering your style personality enables you get it just right.”

    Sandra C
  • Illustrative pair of pink cat eye glasses

    “Such an amazing experience and one where I was made to feel valued. I left with a pair of beautiful glasses that were perfect for me thanks to the styling consultation. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

    Angela Walker
  • Illustrative pair of pink cat eye glasses

    “Absolutely unique, personal and fabulous service. A very professional eye examination, and the styling consultation meant I got a tailor-made pair of glasses that suit my personality and face. I am in love with my new glasses! And now I can see in HD!”

    Ruth S
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    “From start to finish, Style Optique know how to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and valued. Their unique approach to eyewear consultations, including eyewear styling, is the best I have experienced in 40 years. Their professional and in depth knowledge of eye health (using top of the range equipment) plus a bespoke and tailored eyewear consultation – which teaches you about your styling personality – is unique and savvy. They have convinced me that not all opticians are nerdy, bespectacled geeks! I will be back.”