• Why is this course unique?

    This course is the very first of its kind. It is the most comprehensive eyewear styling programme out there. It has been created by Eva Davé award winning practice owner optometrist and image consultant and has been written in collaboration with Pat Henshaw, world leading image consultant, writer of 8 books on image and style and creater of the colour analysis system used in the UK today. Our combined knowledge has created an easy to learn programme which also give you the tools to be able to immediately begin styling consultations in an optical practice upon completion of the course.

    In addition you will receive full tutor support and lifetime access to our facebook support group.

  • What are the benefits of an eLearning course?

    With our eLearning course, you can begin your study within the next few minutes. With dedicated study, you can complete the course in about 8 hours. You can also go over sections you find difficult as many times as required and vice versa for the parts you find easy. No need to wait for a live training or take any time out of your busy working day to learn. In addition we have teamed with the top eLearning provider where you, the learner, comes first and our course has been created with all the different learning styles in mind enabling you to learn and implement easily.

  • Will I redeem my investment?

     You entire team can become accredited eyewear stylists for the price of a single image consultant course! This represents excellent value for money ad , in our experience, the price of the  course is often recouped in your first few multiple pair dispenses.

  • Is there an opportunity for live training?

    If you are someone who would benefit from live one-to-one training you can contact me and I can tailor a specific programme for you or your practice depending upon your current skills.

  • How soon can I start using my skills as an eyewear Stylist?

    You will be able to start using the skills you learn immediately during your dispenses but it won’t be until you finish the course that you will be highly proficient in a full eyewear styling consultation- which could be in just two weeks if you can devote yourself fully to studying.

  • Are there any long term obligations upon me?


  • Is there a time limit to complete the course?

    We anticipate most people will complete the course within two months with part-time study. But each team member will have lifetime access to the course and materials.

  • What are the technical details of computer requirements I need to run the course?

    The course can be accessed from any PC, tablet or mobile phone via your internet browser. For the best learning experience please use a PC, laptop or tablet.

    The recommend browsers are:

    Windows: Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version).

    Mac: Safari in Apple iOS 10 or later, Google Chrome in Apple iOS 10 or later, Firefox (latest version).

    Mobile: Safari in Apple iOS 10 or later, Google Chrome in Apple iOS 10 or later, Google Chrome in Android OS 4.4 or later.

  • If I need supplies of colour drapes, style and colour cards etc, do you have an online shop I can buy them from?

  • How do I start the Course?

    Please register your interest here.

    Or you can email