Fashion for Eyes

Fashion is considered the UK’s largest creative industry which creates approximately 800, 000 jobs and is worth £26 billion to the UK economy * One of the commonly cited key strengths of the UK fashion industry – which is celebrated globally – is our ability to produce fashion designers who focus on individual & unique …

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In the media – Dispensing Optics Magazine

I was delighted to be featured in Dispensing Optics Magazine, July 2020, on how to make your practice stand out with a fashion focus!

Practical Tips – How to become an Eyewear Styling Practice

I often get asked by practice owners what is needed to become a sought after styling practice and for their team to become eyewear stylists, especially from those in optometry who have never had any formal training in fashion or the style. And let’s face it, considering the optical industry doesn’t recommend any formal styling …

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Discover Your Clients Authentic Style

Why discovering your Clients Authentic Style is the Key to your success and their happiness Styling, as a skill, has really come into its own post lockdown. It’s always really important to get underneath the surface when styling clients in eyewear that they will love and cherish.  It’s not enough to just look over the …

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From Rags to Riches

The first job I ever had was a newspaper round,  I cycled 6 nights a week, 1 hour every night after school for just £5 a week. I lasted 2.5 years. The longest anyone lasted before or since was just 6 weeks!  Most people couldn’t hack it, I know because I’m still in contact with …

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Selling High End Eyewear

Would you like a process to effortlessly sell high value eyewear? Many independent practice owners I speak to know that to grow and have a successful thriving practice, they need to differentiate themselves with their client experience and their products. They realise that investing in niche or high end eyewear collections is the way forward. …

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How to Price Your Styling Services

I often get asked if I charge for eyewear styling consultations & how I price for the services. It’s a topic that I love to discuss and one that you should also be considering if you are looking to develop your offering and introduce eyewear styling into your practice.  Building New Skills Initially when I …

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The New Normal – How Eyewear Styling is Giving the Skills to Bounce Back!

Since UK lockdown restrictions have been lifted, at my award winning optical practice, Style Optique, we have seen a phenomenal increase in our monthly average sales in eyewear and are more than £30,000 up on our previous best ever month and almost £40,000 up on last July’s sales, putting us firmly on the path of …

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In the Media – Platinum Magazine

Eva Dave was recently featured in an exclusive Eye feature ‘Seeing For Life’ within the national lifestyle publication, Platinum Magazine. To read the full article, click on the logo and then here: click here.